Guest Post by Amy Collett – Planet Plus Profit: How to Start a Conservation Business

Most businesses operate with one goal in mind: earning a profit. For a new generation of entrepreneurs, there’s a more important bottom line: the environment.

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These entrepreneurs use private sector approaches to achieve conservation goals like raising awareness, reducing waste, protecting ecosystems, and developing innovative solutions to conservation problems.

What does it take to start a successful conservation business? Let these resources from Care for the Climate guide your next big idea.

Developing a profitable business model for your conservation

Balancing business interests and conservation is arguably the greatest challenge facing nature-based start-ups.

● First, validate your business idea. Business validation assesses the feasibility of your business idea by evaluating its industry, competitors, and market.

● Too many conservation start-ups fail because they fail to properly identify the end user. To overcome this, experts recommend a lean start-up approach to business model development.

● Do you have the capital and cash flow to meet your company’s financial needs? Project start-up costs, ongoing business expenses, and monthly revenues to ensure financial sustainability.

Learn what’s involved in starting a business

Beyond the business plan, starting a business involves a variety of legal and logistical steps.

● After selecting a business name during the market research process, register the business name in your state, purchase a domain name, and trademark your brand.

● Your choice of business structure has lasting tax implications. Talk to a business attorney or CPA to choose a legal structure for your start-up.

● After legally establishing your business, get an UTR number. Also known as a unique taxpayer reference number, this information needs to be provided when paying taxes and employees.

● Managing your accounting is also a crucial part of running your business. Invest in quality business software tools that offer an array of features like real-time financial reporting, insights and analytics, and inventory management.

Where to get help developing your conservation business

From funding to mentorship, here’s where to find help launching your start-up.

● Many conservation businesses rely on private finance. To attract investors, start-ups need a clear project pipeline and business plan.

● Crowdfunding through websites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo is another popular route, especially for small projects.

● Eco-friendly businesses may be eligible for green small business grants.

● The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy maintains a listing of business incubators and accelerators targeting green businesses.

Business gets a bad reputation when it comes to the environment. However, the business community has a big role to play in solving the planet’s environmental challenges. Use these resources to launch your conservation business and show that stewarding the planet makes economic sense.

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